Time and time again, we witnessed countless Canadians, from all walks of life, fall through the cracks of our seemingly infallible public healthcare system. Meanwhile, the wealthiest income earners have endless options for holistic wellness, front-of-the-line access to cutting-edge health recovery treatments, and aging with independence.

We developed the LivingWell lifetime health benefits plan to give everyday Canadians that same access to options for a better quality of life.

Through our consultation and discovery process, we help you identify your health coverage gaps, and connect you with personalized health benefits coverage for your health, wellness, lifestyle, medical, and senior care expenses.

We have partnered with more than 20 funding solutions providers across Canada for our programs, and we customize each program to your unique situation, so we can offer you amazing flexibility and completely unbiased advice.



Since your health needs will change over time, our programs are structured into three Life Phases to reflect those changing needs. A complete LivingWell lifetime health benefits plan is designed to help you achieve multiple goals:

  • Meets you where you're at and supports you at any stage in life, from childhood to retirement, and beyond

  • Evolves with you as you transition through the Life Phases

  • Protects your hard-earned income, life savings, and assets from catastrophic healthcare costs and years of rising senior care expenses

  • Ensures that you never run out of money, no matter what health challenges you face or how long you live

  • Offers you greater flexibility, coverage, and access than our public healthcare system

  • Enables you to bypass wait lists and health assessments to get the timely care you really need

  • And provides you and your family with better health outcomes and a higher quality of life

Life Phase 1 - Health and Wellness Funding

Life Phase 1

Health and Wellness Funding

Supports your holistic health by funding private medical, dental, extended healthcare, wellness, lifestyle, and cannabis expenses.

Life Phase 2 - Health Challenge Recovery Funding

Life Phase 2

Health Challenge Recovery Funding

Supports your health recovery by funding consultations, treatments, recovery, lost income, mortgages, bills, and other expenses.

Life Phase 3 - Retirement Healthcare Funding

Life Phase 3

Retirement Healthcare Funding

Supports your independence and quality of life in your retirement and beyond, by funding healthcare and senior care expenses.


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