Family Caregiver Reimbursement


Are you between the ages of 50 and 90?

Is there a family caregiver who always looked after you, even at the expense of their own career and ambitions?

Will estate costs and family court battles diminish your legacy and final wishes?

Did you know...?

  • 7 in 10 Canadians over the age of 65 will require long-term care in their lifetime

  • 1 in 4 Canadians are unpaid caregivers

  • Wills are public and contestable, so even if you plan to give a greater share of the estate to the family member who took care of you more often, your wishes may not be carried out

  • Estate costs, such as probate, accounting, legal, and executor fees, can potentially reduce the value of your estate by up to 21.5%, leaving less money for a family caregiver

  • Estates can often take more than a year to settle, placing continual stress on your executor and loved ones

  • Family caregivers pay for many care expenses directly out of their own pocket, with little to no reimbursement

The Family Caregiver Reimbursement program enables you to provide a guaranteed inheritance to a caregiver, by creating a legacy fund that bypasses the estate and pays for unpaid care, lost income, and out-of-pocket support expenses.

This program provides the following benefits:

  • You can choose whoever you want to receive your legacy fund

    • Can be a person or an organization

    • Can be more than one person or organization, with different amounts allocated to each

  • Your legacy fund has the ability to bypass your estate

    • Helps to ensure that your final wishes are carried out

    • Makes it easy for your designated recipient(s) to receive your legacy fund

    • Your legacy wishes can be kept private and confidential

    • Your legacy fund can remain outside your will and estate

    • Your designated recipient(s) will receive 100% of your legacy fund, without any reduction from estate costs

    • Your designated recipient(s) will receive your legacy fund in as soon as a few days

  • You can choose how each designated recipient receives their portion of the legacy fund:

    • Lump-sum

    • Monthly income for life

    • Monthly income for a set number of years

    • Or a combination of each option

  • Your legacy fund is 100% protected from market losses upon death

Built-In Additional Benefits

  • Creditor Protection Benefit: Under certain circumstances, your legacy fund may be protected from creditor claims.

Optional Benefits

  • Legacy Multiplier Benefit: Enables you to create a legacy fund that can be several times larger than your contribution amount.

  • Care Expense Benefit: If you are enrolled in the Legacy Multiplier Benefit option, you may be able to "pre-spend" or even borrow from your legacy fund for care expenses, knowing that the legacy fund will pay back your designated recipient(s) in full.




Being the youngest in the family and also the only daughter, it wasn't hard to see why Emily always had a close connection to her dad, Jonathan.

Emily's two brothers both had established careers across the country - one was a pediatric surgeon and the other was a corporate accountant. Emily lived locally, and after years working in retail, decided she wanted a new career path in market research analysis.

After Emily's mom passed away a few years back, Jonathan was never as active and social as he was in the past, and soon his health started to decline as well. With her brothers living in other provinces, Emily gave up her career and took it upon herself to look after her dad full-time. Being a caregiver took its toll on Emily, physically, emotionally, and financially, but she never once regretted trading her ambitions for the chance to spend the final years of her dad's life by his side.

One week after her dad's funeral, Emily found a document titled "Family Caregiver Reimbursement Program" in her dad's files. Turns out, Jonathan had set up a legacy fund for Emily years ago. Emily sent in the paperwork and, after a few days, received an electronic deposit of over $300,000 directly into her bank account. Neither her brothers nor any relatives ever knew about the program.

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Program contribution rates can vary and are subject to change. These rates are strictly for illustrative purposes.



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