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Are you between the ages of 50 and 80?

Do you have the training, expertise, and resources to care for your spouse or parents when they can no longer care for themselves?

Will you or your loved ones be forced to accept a lower quality of life with government-subsidized care?

Did you know...?

  • 7 in 10 Canadians over the age of 65 will require long-term care in their lifetime

  • 1 in 4 Canadians are unpaid caregivers

  • Canada's healthcare system provides minimal funding for homecare services, and has no obligation to provide any funding at all

  • Government homecare support workers only provide a maximum of 15 to 45 minutes of care per visit

  • Government homecare support workers only help with pre-specified tasks, and are not obligated to provide companionship

  • Family caregivers pay for many care expenses directly out of their own pocket, with little to no reimbursement

The Home Expense Reimbursement program provides up to $100,000 of tax-free funding for qualified homecare expenses, to preserve your independence, dignity, and quality of life when you require continuous care.

Qualified Homecare Locations

  • Any private housing that qualifies as your permanent residence, including detached houses, townhouses, apartments, condominiums, and individual suites

  • Any retirement community that qualifies as your permanent residence, including independent and supportive living residences

    • Excluding assisted living and long-term care residences

  • You can be the owner or the renter of your permanent residence

Qualified Homecare Expenses

This program provides reimbursement funding for:

  • Professional in-home care aides

    • Registered nurses

    • Certified nursing assistants

    • Personal support workers from an accredited homecare agency (excluding family caregivers)

  • Informal caregiver support expenses

    • Respite care services

    • Psychological services for caregivers


  • Home conversion expenses

    • Such as handrails, ramps, stair lifts, grab bars, raised toilets, bath lifts, and walk-in bathtubs


  • Medical equipment, devices, and supplies

    • Including hearing aids, orthopedic shoes, walkers, canes, non-motorized wheelchairs, hospital beds, ventilators, respirators, oxygen, CPAP machines, incontinence supplies, accessories for diabetics, and health monitoring systems


  • Health specialists

    • Audiologist

    • Dietician

    • Naturopath

    • Occupational therapist

    • Physiotherapist

    • Podiatrist

    • Respiratory therapist

    • Speech therapist

  • Meals

  • Transportation expenses

  • Moving expenses

  • Hospital expenses

    • Including emergency care, convalescent care, ambulance, and air ambulance

  • Diagnostic laboratory tests

    • Including MRI testing

  • Dental care expenses due to an accident

Funding Activation

The Home Expense Reimbursement program funding is activated when you face either of the following two health challenge scenarios:

  • You are diagnosed with a cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer's disease or another cause of dementia

  • You are unable to perform at least 2 out of 6 of the following activities of daily living (ADLs) on your own:

    • Bathing yourself

    • Dressing yourself

    • Transferring, such as getting from your bed to your chair

    • Feeding yourself

    • Using the toilet by yourself

    • Maintaining continence

Built-In Additional Benefits

  • No Reduction Benefit: Your program funding is not reduced by any external benefits, including:

    • Government benefits

    • Employee health benefits

    • Workers Compensation Board (WCB) claims, such as WorkSafeBC income payments

    • Auto insurance claims, such as Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) settlements

  • External Eligibility Benefit: As a reverse to the No Reduction Benefit, your program funding will not affect or reduce your eligibility for government benefits and other external benefits, including:

    • Subsidized or no-charge seniors programs

    • Admission into government-subsidized care residences

    • Government pension and income programs, including Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS)

    • Employee health benefits

    • WCB claims

    • Auto insurance claims

  • Medical assistance services: You will receive complimentary access to a network of the top medical specialists and consultants in the world who will provide you with an in-depth analysis, second opinion, and a personalized treatment plan for your illness or condition.

Optional Benefits

  • Funding Amount: You can choose to have either $50,000 or $100,000 of maximum lifetime funding.

  • Lifetime Funding Benefit: Instead of having a set maximum lifetime funding amount of $50,000 or $100,000, this benefit gives you the option to have continuous lifetime funding for professional, in-home care aide services.




Henry had always been patient and easy-going, but over the last few months he started to become agitated for no apparent reason and suffered from mood swings. Ever since Henry couldn't remember his way home on a regular basis, Judy did her best to care for him. However, with the constant supervision, meal preparations, medication reminders, and physical and emotional struggle, Judy quickly became overwhelmed.

Judy desperately needed help, but on the eve of their 50th wedding anniversary, she just couldn't bring herself to send Henry to an assisted living care centre by himself. But with limited savings and a modest pension, Judy couldn't afford to hire help either. She also couldn't burden their three children, who all have mortgages and their own children as well.

Then Judy remembered that they had planned ahead with a Home Expense Reimbursement program for each of them. With the $100,000 of funding, she purchased a walk-in bathtub for Henry, hired a care aide to help out, and also used some of the money for meals. But the biggest benefit of all - Judy and Henry were able to spend the rest of their lives together.

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Program contribution rates can vary and are subject to change. These rates are strictly for illustrative purposes.



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