Kim is the owner of an integrated health clinic that help clients treat issues ranging from low energy, to chronic pain, to highly specialized cancer treatments. To support their clients, the clinic has a broad spectrum of health practitioners that provide complementary modalities, including naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, and medical doctors with a background in functional medicine.

All their clients love the services, but their self-employed clients sometimes find it difficult to balance the clinic fees with the cashflow needs of their businesses.

After some research and a consultation, Kim decides to set up the Revenue Accelerator program for her clinic. At client intake or during a health review session, each self-employed and business client is given the option to enroll into a personal Health and Wellness Spending Account program.

Kim's clients are thrilled with the cost savings - in fact, they are able to save $500 annually, on average, and reinvest that money into more health and wellness services. And with over 100 clients now participating in the Revenue Accelerator program, the clinic is generating an extra $50,000 of revenue every year!

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