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Traditionally, people only looked at health from a medical perspective, which focuses on disease management. Conventional health benefits plans reflect this viewpoint, and often cover little more than prescription drugs, dental care, and limited coverage for vision, hearing, and a few therapists.

As a result, people who embrace holistic, preventative health and well-being couldn't get their expenses covered, and often faced significant financial barriers to access.

We believe people should be able to access any options that support a comprehensive and integrated approach to wellness, including nutrition, exercise, mental health, emotional wellness, personal and professional growth, lifestyle, mindfulness, and even social impact initiatives.

For companies, a personalizable wellness benefits program can directly impact their bottom line by increasing employee productivity and engagement, while reducing the high costs of mental health issues, chronic disease, absenteeism, presenteeism, disability and drug claims, and staff turnover.

For Canada, a holistic wellness approach can reduce the burden on our public healthcare system, and keep it sustainable for generations to come.

Benefits Coverage for Rock Climbing
Benefits Coverage for Massage Therapy
Competitive and Affordable Benefits for Small Businesses

Health+Wellness+Lifestyle Flex Plan


Enables individual employees to design their own personalized workplace benefits plan, choosing from a combination of traditional, holistic wellness, and even lifestyle options.

Entrepreneur Health Flex Plan

Self-Employed and Professionals

Enables solopreneurs and incorporated professionals to obtain comprehensive and flexible, yet affordable, health, wellness, medical, and dental benefits coverage.

Health+Wellness+Lifestyle Flex Plan

Small Businesses with Employees

Enables small business owners (3 to 500+ staff) to offer modern, flexible, and creative benefits that reduce costs, increase productivity, and attract and retain key talent.

Holistic Wellness or Health Products

Business Partnership Program

Enables healthcare or wellness practitioners, natural health product distributors, and other health, wellness, or lifestyle businesses to create more exposure, reach, and revenue.


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