James is a software engineer and Anna is a teacher. They have two young children with a third on the way. A few years ago, they lucked out and bought a fixer-upper at a good price. James and Anna had great cashflow when they moved into their home.


But after two maternity leaves, several unplanned expenses, over-budget renovations, and two car loans, they now feel strapped every single month and are worried about getting in over their heads. They would love to find a way to relieve their stress, have savings again, and afford to start a private health program.

After some research, James and Anna decide to enroll in the Money Finder program, which shows them exactly how to start eliminating their debt and free up their cashflow at the same time. Instead of being trapped in an endless cycle of debt, James and Anna are now saving $600/month for their life goals, unlocking $300/month for a private health program, and are on track to be debt and mortgage-free in 15 years. The best part - they will be ahead by $231,000 in 10 years!

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