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Are you worried that you'll still have a mortgage and debts when you retire?

Have you ever wondered how your retirement plan will account for increased expenses, higher costs of living, major purchases, and rising healthcare costs?

Will you have enough money to retire?

During pre-retirement, the Money Finder program unlocks thousands of dollars every year for your health and wellness, retirement, and life goals, by restructuring your mortgage, debts, and cashflow.

During retirement, the Money Finder program creates a plan to account for changing retirement expenses and unexpected costs, so you won't run out of money.

What is the Money Finder program?

  • It's a proprietary program designed to help you maximize the life you want to live today and the life you want to have tomorrow, without budgeting or investing

  • It uses a consultation process and specialized software to restructure your mortgage, debts, and cashflow

  • It's a way to fund your dreams and projects

  • It's a way to find money for what's truly important to you

  • It has helped clients find an additional $10,000 to $30,000 every year

  • It has helped clients eliminate their mortgages and debts in two-thirds of the scheduled time, and sometimes even faster

  • It has helped clients save tens of thousands of dollars in inefficient interest from mortgages and debts

Program Costs

  • $997 one-time setup fee per family




Greg is a project manager and Caroline is a dental hygienist. Several years ago, they decided to buy an older home closer to Caroline’s aging parents. Greg and Caroline had great cashflow and only minimal debt when they moved into their home.


But after several unplanned expenses, including an unexpected health challenge, over‑budget renovations, and two car loans, they are now wondering if they will have enough savings to retire.


They would love to find a way to relieve their stress, start a private health plan, afford to take care of Caroline’s parents, and still retire on time.

After hearing about the Money Finder program from a friend, Greg and Caroline decide to enroll in the program as well. Their program report shows them exactly how to start eliminating their debt and free up their cashflow at the same time. Instead of being trapped in an endless cycle of debt, Greg and Caroline are now saving $600/month for their life goals, unlocking $300/month for a private health program, and are on track to be debt and mortgage-free in 15 years. The best part - they will be ahead by $231,000 in 10 years, and will retire on time!

During retirement, they receive an additional report that shows them how to manage the new, additional costs of Greg's medications, Caroline's parents' care costs, and unexpected repairs to their roof after a heavy snowstorm.

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