Zeneh - 3 Employees

Zeneh is the founder of a startup non-profit organization that aims to help young women from shelters, empowering them with the life skills and entrepreneurial ability to carve out new paths in life.

With a tight budget, Zeneh had a hard time keeping talented staff members due to the limited salaries she could offer. However, Zeneh learned how the Health + Wellness + Lifestyle Flex Benefits program could offer an attractive, yet affordable, benefits plan for herself and her two staff members.

Her staff were more engaged than ever thanks to a combination of traditional and unique, modern benefits, and no longer had any reason to leave.

Trevor - 14 Employees

Trevor is the owner of a small tech company, specializing in wearable technology for senior home healthcare and monitoring. After several years, Trevor has developed an amazing team of innovative and dedicated employees, so he knows he needs to stay competitive with a company benefits plan.

However, Trevor has noticed several issues with his current benefits plan. Many of the employees have been making high expense claims in certain areas, causing Trevor's costs to go up every year. At the same time, Trevor noticed a couple of his staff members have been calling in sick more often but haven't been making much use of their benefits coverage. After talking with them, Trevor learned one has been struggling with fertility challenges, and the other has difficulties affording cannabis for her fibromyalgia symptoms.

Instead of cutting back the benefits, Trevor enrolled the company into the Health + Wellness + Lifestyle Flex Benefits program. With the new program, each employee could personalize their own benefits plan, with many new specialties to choose from, including life coaching, herbal teas, fertility treatments, and cannabis for both medical and wellness uses.

Trevor loved the fact that the program offered true cost containment, with a plan design that eliminated annual cost increases so it could remain affordable. Trevor also appreciated that the plan was flexible enough to easily grow and include more employees as his organization expanded. But best of all, his staff was happier, healthier, and more engaged than before!

Mahari - 500+ Employees

Mahari is the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of a national cannabis-infused products company, with offices and distribution centres in several major cities across Canada.

After a thorough analysis, Mahari found that their company's current benefits plan did little to lessen the high costs of chronic health conditions and missed work days that were common with their older staff, coinciding with a high incidence of disability and expensive drug claims. At the same time, the company had a hard time attracting and retaining younger workers.

Instead of a typical one-size-fits-all approach to benefits that didn't work for many staff members, Mahari learned how the Health + Wellness + Lifestyle Flex Benefits program could meet the needs of a diverse and modern workforce, with benefits options that each employee could individually customize for their unique situation.


Despite the size and complexity of her company, Mahari was surprised how quickly and easily she could set up and manage the new benefits program. With a completely digital experience, very little resources were needed to administer the program, many processes were automated, and the company reduced their carbon footprint by eliminating physical paperwork.

Older workers used the new holistic wellness and education coverage options, along with traditional drug and dental coverage, to improve their health and productivity. Younger workers were ecstatic about the new coverage options for fitness, pet expenses, vacation funds, and social impact initiatives.

After the first year under the new benefits plan, there was a 35% reduction in sick days, 61% increase in productivity, 11% higher revenue per employee, and 73% reduction in staff turnover.

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